martes, agosto 02, 2016

Are migrating girls more than passive victims?, Investigación, Time to look at girls.

 La investigación: "revela la migración de las niñas como agentes, actuando para cambiar sus vidas; son los agentes económicos en la búsqueda de soluciones para ellos y sus familias, o agentes de seguridad en busca de protección después de sufrir el abuso ".

Adolescent migrating girls aren’t simply passive victims of trafficking, abuse, deceit and violence, says new research from the Graduate Institute’s Global Migration Centre, whose findings were discussed at a 2 June event at Maison de la paix.
The project, Time to look at girls, which was funded by the Swiss Network for International Studies and coordinated by Katarzyna Grabska and Professor Alessandro Monsutti, studied adolescent girls migrating internally and internationally from Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Sudan. 
Ms Grabska said the research “reveals migrating girls as agents, acting to change their lives; they are economic agents in search of solutions for themselves and their families, or security agents in search of protection after suffering abuse.
Ignacio Packer, Secretary General, Terre des Hommes, said “migration policy has to be built on values and evidence. This research is of great value because it’s based on the views and opinions of children, and on real lives. It brings rigour and legitimacy to the migration debate. Policy has to take into account this type of research.”
As part of the project, a documentary (video) was filmed in Bangladesh and in Ethiopia showing migrant girls' lives.
A video interview with Katarzyna Grabska and Ignacio Packer is below.

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